Aichi, Yamachu Honke Brewery

The brewery of “GIKYO”, a sake made entirely from pure rice, using the most carefully selected sake rice, including Yamada Nishiki from Tojo-cho, Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture, which is from the Special A District. Founded in the middle of the Edo period, this brewery is located in Aisai City, Aichi Prefecture, and its brand was named “GIKYO” after an anecdote about maintaining good faith with liquor retailers. Under the 11th generation president, Masahiro Yamada, we mill high-quality rice suitable for sake brewing in-house, and are particular about making use of the rice’s natural characteristics to produce sake with a powerful flavor. At GIKYO, we strive to improve quality based on the belief that sake production begins with rice cultivation, and we pursue new appeals of sake while preserving tradition, such as by pioneering the aging and assemblage of sake.