Amami, Machida Distillery

Amami Kokuto Shochu, “Sato no Akebono,” is writing a new story in the saga of kokuto shochu. Highly thought of since its release, the mellow taste and aroma combine to provide a refreshing feeling that fascinates drinkers.
In 1991, a new factory was built using state-of-the-art equipment. Continuing from the launch of “Sato no Akebono,” in order to maximize its quality, only carefully aged shochu is commercialized.
Since our founding, we have been constantly studying to improve the stability and quality of our shochu, following the best guidance provided by excellent technicians and other wonderful connections. We continue to make our efforts with humility and sincerity, striving to further refine kokuto shochu, a culture our ancestors protected and nurtured even during hardships, to deliver it to customers with all our hearts.
We also seek to contribute to our local community to the best of our ability. We look forward to your continued support.
President Sho Hirashima