Saga, Tenzan Brewery

Greetings from the Kuramoto(Owner)

Our brewery has been running for 145 years, since Toshizo Shichida and his wife, Tsuki, who were running a milling and noodle business, in 1875 bought a local brewery that was closing down

The previous owner, my father, truly respected and valued the words “Fueki Ryuko”( “to integrate new things whilst being eternal”). I have taken this over from him and strive to brew high quality products, bringing out “Fueki”, the grace of the nature of Ogi area to the maximum, and face the challenge of “Ryuko”, innovating in line with current trends, without fearing failure.

We will strive to enrich people’s spirits with our sake culture.

Tenzan Sake Brewery The Sixth Kuramoto
Kensuke Shichida